Onboarding New Hires

Onboarding New Hires

When you hire new people it’s critical to get them up to speed fast. It may normally take three months to get your new employee fully trained and if you’re hiring to fill a current need, you have to come up with an organized plan of action.

Here are some tools and tips on how train quickly and efficiently:

1. Be prepared
You know you’ll be bringing people in and will expect them to perform on the job. Being prepared for their first day is essential, make sure uniforms, desks, name tags, or computers are ready to go when they walk in the door. Lay the groundwork now so you’re not scrambling. Also, make sure to identify who will be conducting the training, where it will occur and establish milestones for success.

2. Assign a mentor
Partner your new employee with someone who can take them under their wing. Choose someone in a similar role to work closely with them and teach them the different aspects of working with your company. This gives the new employee someone to build a rapport with and go to with questions or concerns. Choose your mentors carefully for the best results; you need someone who knows what they’re doing, is comfortable with instructing, and has a positive attitude.

3. Encourage job shadowing
Allow new employees to observe your best employees perform their duties, they can learn faster that way. By spending time with employees in your company, they get to know the organization better and understand how the different aspects of the company work together.

4. Put them in action
It’s good to put the employee to work quickly so they feel productive and confident. Most people learn faster by doing, don’t be afraid to throw them in the deep end to see if they swim. It’s also good for your business, because then you’re not paying someone who is not contributing to the organization.

5. Streamline your onboarding process
LC Staffing helps you streamline your onboard process by providing people who are screened, qualified and ready to work. The better the people you bring in are, the less effort it takes to train them. Plus, we’ll partner with you to make sure the candidate gets up to speed quickly and check to make sure the whole process is successful.

For more tips please feel free to reach out to any of our staff.

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