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Advance your career with a professional job placement agency in Montana.

Kristen Heck + Amy Slomba

You are your best self with LC’s Professional Job Placement Services.

Easy and fast: send us your resume, and we’ll reach out.

  • Never a cost to you. Period.

  • We introduce you to our network across Montana.

  • 1300+ Job Seekers found their next role with LC last year.

  • Free resume & interview prep, negotiation assistance.

  • Confidential: your boss won’t know.

    With LC, you don’t have to do this alone.

    Get to know our professional job recruiters in Bozeman, Kalispell, and Missoula, MT who can make your next connection.

    It’s straightforward: send us your resume, and from there, we’re with you the whole rest of the way.

    Your goals, interests, and where you’d like to go next are our next priority. We’ll call, and listen.

    From that, we work with you to tailor our approach. We find you connections across our network from 37 years in business under the Big Sky. Sometimes, there’s nothing that quite fits at first, but we’ve been known to call months later with the right opportunity.

    When we find an opportunity, we help you to tune your resume. We help you prep for the interview. When an offer comes, we advocate for you in negotiating salary, benefits, relocation.

    See what nearly 50 people have had to say about their experience with LC’s Professional Placement. 

    As you know, you’re perfectly capable of finding an opportunity for yourself.

    The hiring managers and companies we work with know that they won’t find everyone they need. Sometimes they try by themselves to fill the role for months.

    But you don’t need to search alone. Hiring managers don’t need to go it solo either. What we do is make the connections.

    For you, it’s someone who cares, who knows your worth, and wants to find you a place that satisfies exactly what you want. For a hiring manager, it’s being connected with you, an employee who can bring skills and experience to make a positive impact.

    Those hiring managers already have great employees working for them, that we found and connected. They pay us for finding and connecting you to them, which means that there’s never a cost for you to work with us.

    We only place within Montana, but our network spans virtually every industry in the state.  Which means that we are perfectly placed to find a place for you.

    Accountants, engineers, developers, CFOs, CEOs, production managers, certified aircraft mechanics, auditors, operations supervisors, CPAs, receptionists, executive assistants, IT managers, project managers, architects, controllers, data analysts, nurses, lending managers, government roles, and more.