LC Staffing OSHA ETS Update for January 7th

LC Staffing OSHA ETS Update for January 7th

LC Staffing here with an update on the OSHA Covid-19 ETS.

Starting today, the Supreme Court will begin its review of the ETS. Why bother you with this message when they are potentially on the eve of a decision? Well, on the 10th of January, as in next Monday, the ETS as it stands comes into force. This first date engages the ETS, such that all employees of LC Staffing who are in the process of vaccination, unvaccinated, or have not reported their vaccination status to us will be required to wear a mask at work.

There is a chance that the high court will issue a stay on the rule while they review it, which will put enforcement on hold. This happened before, during review of the ETS by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. However, if a stay is not granted, we need to be prepared for all LC Employees who are not fully vaccinated to mask starting this next Monday, January 10th.

Testing requirements do not come into force until the 9th of February. A lot can happen between now and then, so we’ll release an update as that happens.

We recognize that the waiting, back and forth, and volume of communication can be frustrating. But know that we’re with you, and will do everything in our power to minimize disruption to livelihoods and businesses while complying where we have to with this federal mandate.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact your LC Recruiter or Account Manager.

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