5 Staffing Myths Busted in the Name of Better Jobs

5 Staffing Myths Busted in the Name of Better Jobs

For 37 years, LC Staffing has been a leader in the Montana talent industry and one of staffing’s most enthusiastic myth busters. What does that mean for you and your job search? Do you need a myth buster to find a job?

Yes! When it comes to finding a job, it’s a big advantage to have an employment insider on your team who will happily show you the ropes and never let you miss out on opportunities because of fake news and dodgy rumors.

Why trust LC Staffing? Because we are locals who are really good at connecting job seekers like you with top Montana employers.  And we have a lot of passion for Moving People Forward, which means we do all the hard work it takes to get you and your career where you want to go. On top of all that, we also love to debunk job market myths and give job seekers good employment news.

Ready for some good news? Let’s bust some staffing myths.


Myth #1: A Staffing Firm Will Take Part of Your Hard-Earned Paycheck

The most persistent myth we hear from job seekers is the paycheck skimming myth. Job seekers come to us having been told that a staffing firm will take part of their paycheck. Sometimes it’s an employer who doesn’t want to lose them that puts the idea in their head. Other times it’s a misunderstanding of how staffing works. The good news is that it’s absolutely not how it works. Here’s how it does:

Your wages are your hard-earned wages. Employers pay LC Staffing to manage several elements of their employment process: sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, benefits, payroll and, of course, insurance. Businesses that engage talent from LC Staffing pay us a fee to manage all of that, but it never comes out of your wage. That’s all yours.

In TikTok Terms: Your Pay Is Your Pay


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Myth #2: You Have to Pay a Fee to a Staffing Firm If They Put You in a Job

Many candidates come to us asking if they need to pay us a finder’s fee for securing a job for them. We’re happy to give you another resounding “No!” to this rumor. Employers pay us to find and place you on their teams. And it’s always true, whether the job market has more jobs than candidates (like today) or when unemployment is higher and the competition for jobs is more intense.

In TikTok Terms: Yes to Jobs. No to Fees


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Myth #3: Staffing Firms Make Finding a Job More Complex

Not if it’s LC Staffing. Our mission is to make every aspect of the job search easier for you and easier for the businesses in need of talent. Rather than applying to many places, hitting submit, and crossing your fingers in the hopes of hearing something back from an employer, we streamline your application to great employers who match your needs. We also optimize any interview or assessment processes to make the most of your time and ensure open communication so you always know what’s happening, what the next step is, and the timeline for moving forward.


Myth #4: All Staffing Firms Are the Same

This myth couldn’t be more wrong. LC Staffing, for example, is a Montana-based firm. Why does that make us different? We know and care about the local communities and the people in them (that’s you!). National staffing firms will not have the same connections to local businesses or an understanding of the issues that matter most to Montanans.

LC Staffing is 100% committed to the talent and the businesses that are investing their time and resources here in Montana. That focus ensures we know the Montana markets, industry, talent populations and seasonal trends better than anyone, which allows us to provide insightful career guidance and workforce solutions. Our local teams are deeply embedded in the Kalispell, Bozeman and Missoula business and employment communities. That has made us the partner Montana businesses trust and rely on for talent and provided our candidates access to jobs that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s a Montana-grown jobs network that cannot be beat.


Myth #5: You Can’t Get Benefits with Temp Work

Medical and retirement benefits are a key part of financial security and wellbeing. That’s why they are also a fundamental part of ongoing employment with LC Staffing. Our associates qualify for health benefits after 60 days on the job. Vacation pay, holiday pay and 401(k) retirement savings benefits are also benefits for those who achieve 1,000 working hours and continue to accumulate hours.


Did We Debunk a Myth or Two for You?

Does staffing look a little different to you now? Do you have any lingering questions about how this flexible and opportunity-rich way to find employment works? Our team is proud to constantly surprise job seekers and employers with smart workplace solutions. Reach out anytime with your questions and needs:

Kalispell: 406-752-0191 or [email protected]

Missoula: 406-542-3377 or [email protected]

Bozeman: 406-582-8795 or [email protected]

You can also send us an employment myth you would like us to confirm or debunk. Send it by email, phone or even TikTok. LC Staffing will get you an answer. Count on us.


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