Everybody’s Hiring: What LC Can Do For You

Everybody’s Hiring: What LC Can Do For You

There’s no secret: it’s a great time to be looking for a job under the Big Sky. Montana posted its highest number of jobs ever in February, at more than 556,000. Yet you still see hiring signs at many businesses, and wages are rising, in some cases faster than inflation.  All this puts you, as a job seeker, in the driver’s seat. You’ve got options, and you know that employers should offer you the best for your abilities and time.

So why work with LC Staffing, especially when so many people are hiring? Here’s what’s in it for you:

You don’t need to search alone. At LC, you’ll get to work with a recruiter who can help you through every part of the job search process. You want to find the best job, so add our team to your job search. And if you don’t really know where to go next? No worries. Let us learn more about you and see what we can offer!

It’s always free and confidential to find a job with LC. The companies and employers we work with pay us to find great people just like you, so there’s never a cost to you. Plus, we know that a job search can be tricky when you’re already working. We keep things confidential so that you can find something new without needing to worry.

Save your time and effort by applying only once. All the searching, applications, and sending in resumes can get tedious. With LC, you apply once, and that’s it, even if you want to do something different than what initially attracted you. Plus, even if something doesn’t work out with your first option, we often have another place for you.

Add to your network by joining ours. It’s true: it really does matter who you know. When you work with LC, you get the extensive connections developed through 37 years of helping job seekers like you. You’ll get access to jobs you won’t find elsewhere, and opportunities you might not have considered.

Find work that fits your schedule. We believe in working hard, but also taking care of our loved ones and our communities. Need to drop kids off and pick them up from school? Caring for someone? We have flexible opportunities where you can do something fulfilling, make some money, and still be there for your people.

We can take you places you never imagined. Besides the great options we offer on our job board, LC is growing across Montana and we’re hiring internally. LC invests in its employees, and offers the kind of supportive, fast-growth environment that moves with you. Our current President started at the front desk here, and most of our senior management worked their way up too.

With all that in mind, Apply Today with our General Application or Find Something Great on our Job Board.


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