Mastering the Interview

Mastering the Interview

So you’ve been invited in for an interview, congratulations! This is the first step, of many, in landing a great job.

Here are some tips from the team at LC Staffing on how to best present yourself and some suggestions of what not to do:


Bring a copy of your resume with you. Even if you have sent this to the employer ahead of time, assume that they will not have it. This also shows that you have prepared ahead of time.

Also, bring a list of references with you. If the interview goes well the employer will want to do a reference check and this allows them to move forward without waiting on you.

Dress appropriately. Business professional or business casual are both great options. Take the time to make sure your outfit is clean and pressed beforehand. Even if you’re only applying for a position in food service, dressing nicely shows initiative and that you take the position seriously.

Research the company beforehand. An employer will expect you to know something about their company and why you are interested in working for them. Look them up, check out their website and read their “About Us” page if they have one. Looking at their blog and or social media accounts will give you a good idea about their company culture as well.

Ask the employer questions. If you really want the position and are interested in the company, you should have a few questions about how they operate or what is expected of you. Remember, you aren’t just trying to get the job, you’re also interviewing the employer to see if their company and position they’re offering is a good fit for you.


Use false information on your resume. Never fluff up your resume with false facts, it will not go well for you in an interview when the employer asks about details. Plus, with the internet these days, an employer can do a quick search to see if what you’ve put on your resume is accurate. Sticking to true facts will be easier for you and the potential employer to discuss.

Play with your cell phone. In fact, don’t even bring it with you. There is no need for you to be looking at your cell phone, before, during, or as you’re leaving the interview. Doing that will not make a good impression and will display that you are easily distracted, or show more interest in what’s happening on your phone than with the interview.

Show up late. Timeliness is essential when interviewing with a potential employer, running late suggest poor time management skills and a lack of respect for the company’s time. Budget extra time the day of an interview, 10 minutes or more, so that if something comes up there’s wiggle room.

Fidget or play with your hair. This is distracting and can take away from the employer’s impression of you. Employers want to see that you’re interested in the position at hand, if you can’t sit still they’ll assume that you aren’t focused or serious.

Bring anything with you that’s not related to the job. This includes coffee, soda, snacks, or gum. There is time before and after to indulge in any of that and bringing any of those items to an interview is unprofessional. Plus, they create an opportunity for distraction – fiddling with the cup, or sipping on it when asked a question are some examples.

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