2016 Workforce Study

2016 Workforce Study

A survey, completed in the summer of 2016, of Montana residents garnered some important insights for area employers. The survey, conducted by Montana-based talent acquisition agency, LC Staffing, indicated that priorities for job seekers may be more complex than Montana employers realize.

While 85% of survey respondents listed “wage” as one of their three main considerations, a surprising 57% stated that wage was not the most important deciding factor. Qualitative responses from job seekers stating wage was not first thing considered indicated that other priorities, such as “a position that is interesting or challenging,” “appreciation for what I do,” “a good work environment,” and “flexible schedule” were pivotal components of the search.

“In recruitment, a competitive wage will always be a key factor. Our recent data shows that most Flathead Valley employers who are filling jobs are starting new hires around $12 per hour or more,” shared Kristen Heck, president of LC Staffing. “That said, this survey also clearly shows that many Montana job seekers recognize huge value in employer offerings that cannot be quantified with a dollar sign.”

Along with wage, “meaningful work” was listed in the top three priorities by 50% of respondents. “Meaningful work” was followed closely by “an organization or supervisor who invests in me with work-related training,” which scored at 48.6%.

“This survey reinforces what our LC Staffing team has heard in general conversations with job seekers,” Heck continued. “Both locally and statewide, people want their work to be meaningful. In this job market, paying a competitive wage is important, but it’s not enough. Being an employer of choice starts with identifying how your organization is making a difference and communicating to employees how they can be a part of that mission.”

Of the 400 surveyed by LC Staffing, there were 70 respondents and of those 70 respondents, 66.7% reside in the Flathead Valley, 20.3% in Missoula and 13% in Bozeman. Surveys were distributed and responses collected through an online survey platform.

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