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Combating Winter Blues at Work

Hi there! It’s Brooke again.   I’ve lived in Montana my whole life and winters have always left me a little down. After the excitement of a snowy and cozy Christmas wears off, January and February seem never ending. It can really affect my productivity at work. I know I’m not the only person who gets…

2023 Payroll Calendar for LC Staffing

Looking to know when you’ll get paid? Here’s the schedule for the first half of 2023. Click here: 2023 Payroll Schedule 1st Half

3 Misconceptions about Staffing Agencies

Hello Montana Community. Brooke here!   Staffing Agencies can be a mystery. They were to me before I began working for LC Staffing, and I’ve heard from several others who are confused by them as well. Let’s address the confusion and demystify the mystery.  I want you to start the new year off understanding exactly how…